CB Clement Town


The Cantonment Board Clement Town (CBC) is an autonomous body under the control of‘Ministry of Defence’, Government of India. It is deemed to be a municipality under clause(e) of Article 243P of the Constitution of India. It is governed by Cantonment Act 2006 along with Rules and Policies issued by Ministry of Defence, GoI from time to time.

Functions and Responsibilities

Cantonment Board Clement Town performs a set of 24 obligatory functions like street lightning, regulating trade, birth and death registration, sanitation and hygiene etc as a municipal body. Apart from that, CBC tries to perform 35 discretionary functions depending upon the available budget and social needs and priorities.

Cantonment Board Clement Town is a Category II Cantonment with a population of 22577 as per Census 2011. The board consist of seven elected members and seven nominated members among which Station commander is the President of the cantonment board and CEO is the member Secretary of the Board.

Cantonment Board is deemed to be a municipality under clause (e) of Article 243P of the Constitution of India. It is a body corporate having perpetual succession.



The Cantonments Act 1924 was the first municipal act to introduce local self-government in the cantonments.This Act was replaced by the Cantonments Act2006 with a view to introduce greater decentralisation and improve the financial base of cantonment boards to make provisions for developmental activities and management of defence land and audit. Under the Cantonment Act 2006, cantonments are divided into four categories based on the population criteria. The Cantonment Board Clement Town falls under Category II (population between 10,000 to 50,000). Cantonment boards are statutory bodies–a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire and hold property.

Acts and Rules related to Cantonment Administration

  1. ◦ Cantonment Act 1924
  2. ◦ Cantonment Accounts Code 1924
  3. ◦ Cantonment Lands Administration Rule 1937
  4. ◦ Cantonment Fund Servant Rules 1937
  5. ◦ Cantonment Property Rules 1925
  6. ◦ Cantonment Electoral Rules 1945
  7. ◦ Public Premises Act (Unauthorized Occupants) 1971
  8. ◦ Cantonment Act 2006
  9. ◦ Cantonment Electoral Rules, 2007
  10. ◦ Cantonments Bill, 2003
  11. ◦ Appeals from Executive Order Cantonments Act, 2006
  12. ◦ Cantonment (Regulation of Procedure of Committees of Arbitration) Rules, 1985
  13. ◦ Cantonment form of Annual Report on Cantonment Administration Rules 1986
  14. ◦ Cantonment (Forms and Manner of Service of Notice) Rules, 1986