International Yoga Day 2020


Stand in solidarity with everyone by doing [email protected] on the 21st of June.

 Given, the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic including restrictions of the movement of people and a slowdown in economic activity, the benefit offered by yoga have become especially important for physical and mental wellbeing.

There for, you and your family are requested to join thousand of others on this day from your respective homes by doing the 45 – minute long CYP drill at 7.00 AM on 21st June 2020. To make the Observation of IDY at home possible, The Ministry of AYUSH and other stakeholders have been running multiple training programmes on Yoga and CYP. You may follow the Ministries social media handles for additional details and find training resources here

As June 21st is just a few days away, Prepare yourself and be there to do yoga with the world. See you at 7.00 AM on 21st June 2020.

(1). Common Yoga Protocol Hindi – PDF  ( View/Download ) 

(2). Common Yoga Protocol Hindi Leaflet – PDF ( View/Download ) 

(3). Common Yoga Protocol English Leaflet – PDF ( View/Download )  

(4). Common Yoga Protocol Hindi – Video ( View/Download)  

(5). Common Yoga Protocol English – Video (View/Download

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